Frymaster Deep Fryers – For the Serious Cook

Manitowoc Food is a world leading company that manufactures commercial deep fryers for the foodservice industry. The company offers a complete line of superior quality fryers – both gas and electric – that incorporate innovative design to maximize fryer performance and fried food quality. The collection is grouped under Frymaster deep fryer label. What follows is a review of what you get.

The real key to the popularity of this deep fryer is that Frymaster can help increase profit margins in terms of both labor and energy-saving features (helping to contribute to green and sustainability initiatives). The appliances also have a good reputation in the area of workers’ safety.

In the past, the company has also shown a willingness to listen to the needs of their customers. The company uses state-of-the-art material, design and manufacturing processes. One aspect has been to reduce the number of moving parts that, in turn, reduces maintenance costs. Best Air Fryers in India

If I were to single out the best electric deep fryer from Frymaster I would say it is the FPH14-7 model. This unit has been specially designed to be used under a ventless hood. It has a Footprint filtration system that neatly fits under the fryer – a system that sets new standards in terms of cost savings, safety, easy operation and reliability. It takes about 3 minutes to complete automatic filtering operation to the desired heat setting.

Cleaning of this electric deep fryer is easy as the electric elements swing out and up, leaving the fry pot open and smooth edged. This makes it is easy to scrub and wipe because all sides are exposed and the element is out of the way. The ribbon style heating elements are submerged in oil that means there’s efficiency in transferring heat to the oil and not up a chimney. This also means that the radiant heat produced in the kitchen is significantly reduced leading to a cooler environment for kitchen staff, reduced load the air conditioning system and lower electric bills. More energy efficient melt and warm up cycle is made possible by the easy to use controls.

One final point worth mentioning, is that, whether you opt for gas or electric, the Frymaster fryer exceeds the efficiency standards set by the Federal Energy Star that qualify for energy saving rebates. This means that operators also meet customers’ demand for great tasting food that is also friendlier for the environment.

The company aims to improve on its previous designs and performances.

However, before you go out and buy a Frymaster deep fryer you should compare against other commercial brands. If there is any criticism of the company’s products it would have to be price. They aren’t the cheapest – you can certainly find cheaper brands – but, in all honesty, I think you get what you pay for. Its appliances are built to the highest standards and have been built to last.

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