Stem cell hair replacement uses natural cells to regrow hair and is considered a safe, healthy procedure. The procedure involves implanting the cells directly into the hair follicle. This new technique does not require surgery or anesthesia and is 100 percent natural. Here, we will reveal some facts about stem cell hair in Dubai that will amaze you.

Fact# 1:

HSCT is an experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). It has shown promising results in a small number of MS patients. However, future HSCT trials should consider the course of MS and the presence of active relapses. Additionally, future trials should investigate new therapeutic approaches that prevent ongoing neurodegeneration and demyelination.

Fact# 2:

HSCT can potentially improve the quality of life of older patients, but it is important to remember that it does not cure the disease. The clinical course of the disease may be progressive, with symptoms varying from mild to severe. An autopsy may reveal neuronal loss during the late phase of the disease. In these late cases, HSCT may not be effective.

Fact# 3:

Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) is a serious immunogenic complication of HSCT. It is the most common cause of transplant-related rejection (TRM) and is a major obstacle to a successful HSCT outcome. The pathogenesis of GVHD involves basic biological processes such as DNA damage response and cellular senescence.

Fact# 4:

HSCT is an invasive procedure, and the patient should have adequate medical conditions to be considered for HSCT. The procedure is currently only available on the NHS at select sites and is not considered a first-line treatment for hair loss. Before undergoing HSCT, patients should check the credentials of the clinics that perform the procedure.

Fact# 5:

Hair replacement with stem cells is an advanced medical treatment using stem cells derived from the patient’s body. These cells are implanted back into the scalp using a special procedure. This procedure takes about 3 hours and can be a great way to restore missing hair follicles. In addition to hair loss, stem cells effectively treat other medical conditions, including degenerative dermatological disorders and wound healing.

Costs for stem cell hair transplants vary, with prices in some clinics reaching Dh 10,000. The final cost depends on the type of hair loss and the procedure used. Some clinics will offer consultations for free before you decide if this procedure is right for you.

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