6 Handy Tips for Maintaining Car Batteries

If you drive a car and are concerned about the battery in your vehicle, you should know how to care for it properly. Taking care of car batteries regularly improves the vehicle’s performance and extends the car’s lifespan. When maintaining your car battery, a few tips include cleaning the terminals and checking the water level. Visit this site to hire the best car battery change service.

Avoid frequent short trips:

If you want to maintain your car’s battery life, avoid frequent short trips. Short trips can deplete the battery’s energy, preventing it from starting properly. Instead, make longer trips and drive longer periods. In addition, you should use a battery charger to conserve the battery’s voltage.

Clean your battery terminals:

If you have a new battery, you should know how to clean the terminals before putting it in your vehicle. The first step is to rinse the terminals well. Next, you can wipe the posts with a rag. Once the posts are clean, you can apply some petroleum jelly to the terminals. This will lubricate the terminals and strengthen the connection.

Check the water level:

To check the water level in car batteries, you need to locate them and remove their covers. You can also peek inside the filler holes using a flashlight to see the exact water level.

Avoid parking in the sun:

In the summer, the temperatures can be brutal on your vehicle and battery. Leaving it in the sun can seriously impact its performance and life. It will even increase the temperature inside your vehicle, so you’ll want to avoid it. Fortunately, modern windscreens block some of the sun’s rays. Nonetheless, about seventy percent of the radiation gets in.

Avoid exposure to heat:

One of the best ways to keep your car battery in top condition is to avoid exposure to heat. High temperatures weaken the cell’s internal fluids and reduce the charge. In addition, extreme temperatures can corrode the connections and cables that connect the battery to the car. You can prevent this by always parking your car in the shade.

Charge your battery regularly:

It’s important to charge your car battery regularly, or it will eventually die. There are several ways to do this. One way is by leaving your car running for 15 to 20 minutes every few days. The other method is to plug in a battery charger.

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