Advantages Of Using ARRI Skypanek S60 C LED Softlight


Regarding a professional-grade LED softlight, the ARRI Skypanek S60 C in Dubai is one of the best choices. Its features include excellent shadows, a high CRI, and the ability to be tuned to produce a variety of looks. It also comes with a reasonable price tag, making it a good choice for many applications.

Excellent shadows:

The ARRI SkyPanek S60-C LED softlight offers excellent light distribution and a full range of controls. This mid-range LED softlight offers a 25.4-x-11.8-inch light aperture. Its color temperature can be adjusted between 2,800 and 10,000 Kelvin and is extremely versatile. The light also offers excellent shadow definition.

The S60-C comes with a power supply and PSU rail mount adapter that connects to the rear of the light fixture. It can also be run on battery power. It also features a standard diffuser and bare ends. You can add compatible plugs and accessories to make it your own.

High CRI:

The ArriSkyPanek S60 C LED softlight provides a remarkable amount of light and a uniform beam field in a compact form. It also boasts unprecedented control and can perform beautifully even in low-light conditions. It is available in three sizes and features full-color tuning and a remote phosphor. The ArriSkypanel S60 C is compatible with Lee and Rosco color gels for optimal color reproduction.


The Tuneable ARRI Skypanek C LED softlight is a powerful and versatile LED soft light with excellent color rendition. This mid-range model provides the same features as the company’s L7-C soft light but with the addition of correlated color temperature adjustments and full plus/minus green correction. It also offers a wide dynamic range and step control for the color temperature.

The S60 C LED softlight features a color spectrum that ranges from 2,800 K to icy blue 10,000 K. This tungsten-free light can be manually adjusted, or DMX controlled, and an Edison power cord complements it.


The ARRI SkyPanel S60-C LED softlight is an incredibly versatile soft light. It is a mid-range model with a color temperature range of 2,800 – 10,000K. Its compact design makes it easy to move around and fully tunable. It has excellent color rendition over its entire color temperature range.

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