Child Protection Tips For Your Outdoor Swing And Slide Set 

Outdoor swing and slide sets are a great way to give your kids a place to play that’s both fun and safe. Kids can enjoy various activities on this set, from tumbling down the slide to climbing up the colorful wall. A heavy-duty vinyl canopy provides shade and shelter, and the swings and slides are great for all ages. Some sets also include a fun clubhouse with a steering wheel and telescope. If you are looking for these slide sets, you can do a few things to ensure your child is safe.

Tip# 1:

Purchasing a safer outdoor swing and slide set for your child means ensuring your child’s safety. These playground structures should be placed at least eight feet from the side of the swing set. The swings should also be at least ten feet from the nearest fence. You should also ensure no obstructions in the space around the swing set.

Tip# 2:

When purchasing a swing and slide set, make sure the surface is soft, shock-absorbing material. A soft surface, such as rubber mulch, can reduce the impact of a fall. Another material that cushions a child’s fall is poured-in-place rubber, wood chips, sand, or rubber mats. The material should be at least six inches deep and preferably 12 inches. The depth of the surfacing should be measured by placing a small marker on the leg of the swing set.

Tip# 3:

When buying a new outdoor swing and slide set, it is important to buy a safe one. There are several safety features to look for, including the following. Make sure the slide is made from a sturdy, weather-resistant material. Moreover, it should be able to support eight children with a combined weight limit of 110 pounds.

Tip# 4:

Using safer hardware is essential for any outdoor swing and slide set. This is because the fasteners used in the swing set need to be corrosion-resistant. Cedar and pressure-treated wood are both good choices, but you may also want to use stainless-steel fasteners to ensure that the swing and slide will last a long time. You may also want to avoid using lag screws when installing swing set hardware kits, as these may suddenly pull out, sending kids flying. To avoid this, use a bolt, washers, and locking nut to secure the hardware.

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