Common Repairs In Car Maintenance


If you own a car, you’ve likely experienced a variety of common car repairs. These problems range from gas and oil leaks to radiator and coolant leaks. Other common problems include colored smoke from your exhaust and blue or white smoke from your tailpipe. These issues are dangerous, and you need to get them fixed. This article will discuss some of the common BMW repairs in Dubai.

Water pumps

There are many signs that your car’s water pump may be failing. First, you should notice that the engine temperature is higher than normal. This means that there is a problem with your water pump. In some cases, it can be as simple as a bad seal. Sometimes, it can be more serious and require replacement.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion engine and set the pistons in motion, providing the power to keep your car moving. It is important to have your car’s spark plugs checked at regular intervals to prevent engine failure and increase your vehicle’s lifespan. A faulty spark plug can lead to engine sluggishness and reduced fuel efficiency. In addition, dirty spark plug tips will reduce the lifespan of the spark plug.

Ignition system

One of the most common repairs for your car is the ignition system. Your car’s ignition system provides the spark to start your engine and supplies voltage to the spark plugs. When it fails to work properly, your car may have delayed engine cranking, flickering dashboard lights, or stall after it starts.


In addition to the basic maintenance tasks, you may need to change your tires regularly. This is because the tires are exposed to a lot of everyday wear and tear. In addition to daily use, tires can be punctured by sharp objects or road debris. It is often difficult to spot these objects while driving, particularly during bad weather. If you notice that your tire is not performing as well as it should, it’s important to get it repaired immediately. If you don’t do so, you could cause a very dangerous accident.

Fuel system

Performing common repairs to your car’s fuel system is necessary for the smooth running of your vehicle. When the fuel system malfunctions, your car may start jerking or sputtering. Although these symptoms may be mistaken for dirty gas, they are usually caused by a clogged fuel filter. Changing the fuel filter is a simple procedure and will restore the pressure and flow of fuel to your engine.

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