Keeping your car in a garage is the ideal way to store it during the winter. This will help keep your vehicle safe from the elements and protect it from scratches. However, if you don’t have a garage, you should still take steps to keep your car safe and ready for storage. Find here how to protect your car for storage in the winter seasons. Click this to find the best Volkswagen garage in Dubai.

Ensure the vehicle’s interior is clean:

The first step you should take when preparing your car for storage is to ensure the vehicle’s interior is clean. This includes removing crumbs and trash. These can attract bugs and other pests and can also create unpleasant smells. You should also wipe down the exterior of the car, and vacuum the interior.

Check the engine for leaks and cracks:

The next step you should take when preparing your car is to check the engine for leaks and cracks. These can lead to rusting, and can even cause your car to sputter. You can prevent leaks by filling the gas tank with the proper amount of fuel. This will also prevent condensation from forming in the fuel tank. This can lead to a gummy build-up in the engine and can cause damage to the fuel injection system.

Consider placing it on jack stands to ensure its stability:

If you plan to store your car for more than 30 days, you should consider placing it on jack stands to ensure its stability. You should also check the motor oil, tires, and gas tank. You should also take the wheels off if possible.

Consider using a car cover:

If you do not have a garage, you should consider using a car cover. This will keep your car protected from the sun and prevent rust. You can also purchase a cover that can protect against bird droppings and moisture. You should choose a cover that is breathable and made of quality permeable material. These covers can be purchased at a variety of prices. You should also make sure the cover is securely secured to keep it in place.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you should be ready to store your car. You may be tempted to leave your vehicle unattended in the garage, but this can cause damage. Leaving your car in the garage can also attract mice and other pests. If you plan to store your car for long periods, you should also use a mouse trap.

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