Tanzania E-Visa - What Documents Do I Need to Get It?


Tanzania is an African country that is known for its vast wilderness area. Various tourist attractions encourage people to visit this place. However, if you’re planning a trip to Tanzania, you should know what documents you need to get a valid e-visa. There are several factors to consider when applying for a Tanzania evisa, including fees and validity period. You can find out more about these issues by reading the information below.

Documents required for a Tanzania e-visa:

The first step in applying for a Tanzania e-visa is to get a copy of your passport. You’ll also need a digital passport-type photograph taken within the past six months. You will also need to submit an itinerary of your trip. Your name and contact details must be visible on the itinerary, and you should briefly describe your employment status.

Next, you’ll need to provide the following information on your application: your passport photo and the employer where you work. This is important as you must be able to prove that you’re not going to harm the country. You’ll also need to include any children you’re traveling with, including those who don’t have a passport. If you’re traveling with minors, you’ll also need a notarized letter signed by their legal guardians. This letter should also contain copies of the minor’s identity cards.

Validity period:

The valid period for a Tanzania visa is 90 days. After that, you need to make a new application. The good news is you can do it online. Simply visit the government website for Tanzania and complete the application form. You will be asked to submit your passport information, contact details, and an application fee. You must also scan a recent passport photo (max. 6 months old) and a recent photo of yourself (no teeth showing). When you arrive in Tanzania, you must purchase a flight ticket. The ticket must be for your return or transit flight.


The Tanzania e-visa application fee is 99 euros for EU citizens and 149 Euro for US citizens. You can use a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or other online payment methods to pay for your e-visa. Once your payment is approved, you will receive your e-visa in your e-mail inbox.

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