Why Accountants Should Pursue CMA Certification


Earning the CMA is one of the best ways to advance your career and increase your value to employers. The CMA exam tests essential financial and management skills and your ability to read and analyze financial statements. In addition, it helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of the business environment and management principles. In addition, taking CMA classes in Dubai signals prospective employers that you are ready to take on more responsibility.

It gives the holder a distinct competitive advantage in the job market:

Earning a CMA credential can boost your career prospects and help you land a better job. Many global corporations hire CMAs. Not only will you have a better salary, but the CMA certification will also give you an advantage in the job market.

The average salary for a CMA is approximately DH 84,000 per year. Women typically make 84% less than their male counterparts in comparable positions. The annual salary calculator can help you get a fair offer.

It increases job opportunities:

A CMA certification can open a world of career opportunities for accountants. According to the bureau of labor statistics, job opportunities for accountants will grow by seven percent over the next decade. The 2021 global salary survey reports that those with the CMA designation are more likely to hold certain job titles. For example, a CMA can specialize in financial analysis, which involves studying market trends, microeconomic factors, and decision-making to help companies make sound financial decisions.

It boosts salary:

A CMA boosts an accountant’s salary in several ways. First, it demonstrates competence in the business environment and requires advanced financial skills and a sound understanding of business strategy. Second, it demonstrates a broad range of knowledge essential for a high-level accounting position.

It expands expertise:

Getting your CMA can expand your expertise in the accounting field. It can also open up a variety of career paths. Many accountants find that having their CMA credentials can increase their earning potential. This is large because the CMA designation recognizes an accountant’s expertise and experience. With a CMA, the possibilities for a career in accounting are nearly limitless. A CMA review can help you take your CMA exam efficiently and quickly.

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