Why Sharjah Media City Freezone Is The Right Choice For Entrepreneurs


Sharjah Media City freezone is one of the fastest free zones in UAE, with its easy business registration process. The free zone is home to more than 120 activities, making it an ideal place for entrepreneurs to grow quickly. Business licenses can be purchased for a minimum of AED 5,750 and may vary depending on the nature of the business. Read here why this free zone is a good option for entrepreneurs.

Offering innovative services:

Sharjah Media City is an innovative freezone for media and creative businesses in UAE. Established in 2017, the free zone is dedicated to fostering media and creative industries by providing innovative services and cutting-edge solutions. The free zone is also designed to support and develop localized content and is a thriving community that encourages entrepreneurial talent. The city provides various services to media professionals, including company setup and business licensing.

Affordable licenses:

Sharjah Media City free zone offers affordable licenses for entrepreneurs to run a business. These include export and trading licenses. They cover various business activities, including production, retail, and wholesale sales. This free zone also supports e-commerce businesses, particularly those that support women.

There are various types of licenses for entrepreneurs in the free zone, each with different requirements and costs. A one-year license can cost up to AED 11,500, while a five-year license costs up to AED 40,250. Once the license period expires, a company must apply for a renewal. Otherwise, it will face strict penalties.

Community-cantered approach:

Located in UAE, Sharjah Media City free zone is a hub for the media industry. This free zone offers cutting-edge facilities and services for the media industry. Its focus is on providing local and relevant content for the community. Businesses in the free zone benefit from a fast start-up process, a community-centered approach, and advanced technology.

The free zone was started in 2017 with the mission of promoting media and creative industries in UAE. This innovative initiative seeks to attract entrepreneurs worldwide and provide cutting-edge services. The free zone also offers the UAE’s easiest and fastest business registration process.

The SHAMS free zone offers special facilities to attract media and creative companies to the UAE. It is also launching the Shams influencers’ platform to boost interactions between companies and influencers. Another innovative initiative is opening a Shams film commission, which aims to tap the natural beauty of Sharjah for filming.

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