How to Create Professional Cartoons

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite cartoons come to be? This article will explain some of the secrets on how to create a professional cartoon that you can show off to your friends and make them jealous.

Many of the cartoons that we see on a daily basis are in fact not that complicated to draw in actuality. The first secret that you need to remember about drawing is that is all comes down to drawing lines. One example of this is the character of Stewie from the cartoon show Family Guy. 4anime

To draw Stewie you first need to just draw a skinner version of a football for the head. Once you have done this it comes down to adding eyes which again can be done drawing mini footballs. You then need to add a nose and mouth.

Now that I have given you a basic start to creating a cartoon you can use your imagination to draw the body. In fact half of the fun in creating cartoons is experimenting with different designs, you can give your cartoon a large head and small body. The other thing that I wanted to cover is drawing a cartoon of a actual person someone like a famous celebrity or such.

Again it all comes down to the basic concept of lines, one of the advantages of drawing a celerity is that you can make it a close resemblance or an outrageous take on them. The main things to remember is to one experiment with drawing lines. Try different techniques and see which one that you like best. The next ting is to not get discouraged if at first things don’t turn out the way you would like them to,and last but not least have fun.

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