How to Create Retail Displays Using Wicker Baskets

Wicker basket displays offer a rustic charm most plastics and acrylics can’t provide. If you’re interested in using wicker baskets to display merchandise in your retail store, check out the five steps below for help getting started.

1. Decide on a display space.

Wicker baskets come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can find them as individual baskets or attached to racks designed for floor or countertop displays.

Take a look around your store and figure out where you want to position your basket display. Are there any displays you want to replace? Do you have any empty space you want to fill? Do you need to create a point-of-purchase (POP) display or would your display do well near your store’s entrance?

2. Choose the right kind of merchandise.

Like plastic containers, wicker baskets can display nearly anything you can fit in them; however, you do want to pay attention to both the merchandise’s weight and makeup. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

For example, although they’re durable, the baskets aren’t the best choice for displaying heavy items like watermelons. Think of smaller kinds of merchandise like candy, miniature children’s toys, hobby and craft items, or even travel-sized hygiene products. Also, you’ll want to make sure whatever merchandise you sell is wrapped (unless it’s produce like apples, lemons, nuts, or oranges). Wicker doesn’t provide the same kind of protection as plastic and acrylic containers, so if you choose edible merchandise like candy, make sure it’s wrapped.

3. Order your wicker baskets.

This is actually a two-part step.

First, you need to find a wicker basket distributor or two. Compare baskets and get familiar with what’s available to you. You might even want to print a few pictures from their websites of the baskets you like the best.

Second, you need to take another look at your display space. You’ve already determined where you want the wicker display to sit, but now that you know which baskets and fixtures you want to use, do you have enough space?

4. Give the display a test run.

Once you have your wicker baskets and have decided on where to situate them and what to display, set up your display and give it a test run. Pay attention to your customers’ reactions (do they pay attention to the display? does the display provide convenience?) and move forward from there.



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