Marketing With an LED Sign

There’s been a bit of a buzz recently with bars using an LED sign for marketing purposes. Obviously the main benefit of the signs is the professionalism and the fact that you can continue to customise it on a regular basis without having to shell out for a new conventional sign.

Outdoor use of an LED sign

The major benefits to the outdoor use of these signs is that you can entice potential customers with current offers and updates of what you’re doing on a regular basis and of course the LED sign stands out from the crowd a lot better than a few posters in the window. They’re often seen as an alternative to the more retro neon signs which many bars and clubs still use and don’t necessarily stand out as well as the owners would like them to. LED Signs tend to be pretty easy to repair which is always handy especially if you’re keeping it outside where it could be easily damaged by numerous things. Custom Led signs

Indoor use of an LED sign

Indoor LED signs are generally used for customer information or perhaps pushing a new product or offer. However you will occasionally see some rather more creative uses of the signs. For example, some bars have started “stock exchange” nights where the price of each drink will fluctuate depending on how often it is bought of course the only way to make customers aware of this effectively is through a sign which can be altered at a moment’s notice just like these signs.

Here’s a quick break down of the best features of these signs

• They do not use a lot of electricity
• They are easily repaired
• They’re easy to update
• They attract customer attention extremely effectively
• They’re signs are relatively cheap in the long run when you consider maintenance costs.
• They’re can offer you a flexibility that you may not have with other methods of on-site advertising

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