Realme GT – A Review of the Eye-Catching and Stylish Smartphone


The RealmeGT is a high-performance mid-budget Android smartphone from the Realme crew. It is a powerful phone packed with tons of power in a tight package. It comes with 8GB of built-in memory that is ample for all mobile users. Users have the ability to enjoy their multimedia content on the go, whether they are out in the park or in the subway. The RealmeGT can perform just about everything, from playing videos on the phone to gaming without any degradation in visual quality. The Realme GT also offers a neat notification center which offers quick access to recent additions and options as you use your phone.

The RealmeGT is powered by the same technology found in the award winning snapdragon S4. The Realme series has done away with many of the unnecessary extras seen on other high-end smartphones. The Realme uses an ARM processor, which runs at speeds equal to or slightly higher than the Adreno series. The Realme uses a high definition camera with a four-megapixel sensor, which makes it ideal for taking high quality photos.

The RealmeGT has been introduced in India just ahead of the June period, where it is expected to be launched in the country. The smartphone has received warm welcomes by the tech bloggers as well as by those who own the handset. The launch is taking place at the popular telecom market O2. The phone has been made available at an attractive price and has managed to attract the attention of the common man who would otherwise have not considered buying a smartphone in such a competitive market. The device has been manufactured in bulk and is supplied by the leading mobile manufacturing company, Nokia. realme gt

Nokia was itself the pioneer of introducing innovative smartphones but saw its venture falter with the arrival of the superior snapdragon 888 from Samsung. The Realme is the second attempt by the Finnish manufacturer to retain its position as the best company providing handsets that can do great on the wireless platform. The new range of devices will be introduced in the markets during the month of July. One can see the RealmeGT having a near identical look as the famed Nokia E71 that was launched earlier this year. The realme GT also comes with some features that have been made accessible only to the premium class phones.

The most striking feature of the Realme is its large memory space which comes in extremely useful as one needs almost twice the space of the older Nokia E71 to get the same functionality. Apart from that, the Realme boasts of an advanced dual core processor with the ability to double up the processing performance of the unit. This gives the Realme an upper hand over its counterparts as the device is capable of running multiple apps at the same time, something which the old E71 couldn’t boast of.

In addition to all this, the Realme features an all round fast charging mechanism that makes it even more convenient for the users as the battery of the device does not run out even when one charges the phone quickly. It also has a super long battery life, which can be further extended by connecting a USB cable to a computer. In such a scenario, it becomes very easy for the users to enjoy the benefits of their Android smartphones without worrying about their devices running low on energy resources. Users can further enhance the performance of their Realme by installing some of the best apps that are available in the market.

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