Things You Should Know About Cat Toys

You’ve purchased all those nice toys for your cat and when they arrived, your cat was in heaven. They were played with nonstop and kitty was having a wonderful time! After a while the toys became uninteresting and kitty preferred to nap. Do you know why?

Cats bore easily. They love new things, especially new cat toys. In our house the kitty has his own little box where they are stored and are easily accessible for him to play with. Each week some of the toys are removed and replaced with others that were once his favorites but have been stored. Each time his old toys are introduced as new ones, he’s happy as a pig in a poke! Cats (like children) are enticed with a new toy but get tired of the same old toys to play with all the time. They love getting new toys. The trick is to make them think they have new toys every week. Scratch and Purr

When kitty receives new toys, allow a few days of play time, then place the them in a zip lock bag and put it away out of kitty’s sight (and reach!). Take out a few others that kitty likes and allow him/her to play with them. Continue to rotate them so that kitty thinks he/she has a new toy you each time you reach into the cupboard and change the them. Give your cat several toys at a time to play with. Once a week change out the toys with some that you have stored in baggies.

Storing cat toys in sealed bags keeps the catnip scent fresh. Toys that do not have metal parts such as bells can be placed in the microwave for 10 seconds to freshen up the catnip smell. By recycling your cat toys your cat will always think they are getting new toys and be excited about playing with them.

Cat toys prevent boredom and promote healthy exercise. A healthy diet, regular visits to your Vet and plenty of cat toys help to keep your fur baby healthy and happy.

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