How to Choose a Window Tint Shop

Choosing a window tint shop or provider for car tinting in Dubai can be confusing. As window tint is something that you have to live with for years to come and it is either going to make you proud every time you look at it or make you sick.

Ask Your Friends Where They Got Their Vehicle Tints

Take a close look at the tint work on other’s vehicles. If they are without bubbles, cracks, peeling, or signs of turning purple; find out where this particular vehicle was tinted. Add this shop to the list of shops to visit.

Visit the Website of Shops That You Are Considering

Quality shops are proud to display their workmanship through their website. They not only show pictures of the work, but also help to educate customers. Good shops are ready to share information and show off their expertise.

Read Online Reviews

You can usually learn a lot about the workmanship and the general business practices of the shop through this. Look for a tint shop with a lot of reviews and the majority being positive. Some places to look for online reviews are Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Merchant Circle, and more. You can also find reviews on the company’s own website.

Visit the Tinter’s Facility

You need to visit the shops you are considering. Look at their showroom, consider its cleanliness, and ask to visit their installation area as well. A quality job can’t be expected in an unclean environment. See the professionalism of the employees from their dressing to the way they explain things, all depict their experience and expertise.

Ask About the Warranty on Window Film

This is crucial since mistakes can happen anytime and you don’t want to be left with a poor quality tint job on your ride. Get a clear understanding of the warranty and if the shop is vague or unclear about it think again before considering it.


If a shop passes all the tests above, price should not be a consideration. However, it is good to compare prices between two or three shops. 

Most window tint shops also offer car paint protection in Dubai. Do some research and get the most out of a tint shop.

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